Matrix-Solicitors is a top-ranking Nigerian law firm with an international outlook. We are not just a firm rather; we are a tightly knit family of thinkers, intellectuals, innovators, researchers and teachers. We work for highly demanding clients from different parts of the world who expect only the finest quality of legal work from us and no less.

Working with us means that you must constantly think correctly and outside the box, be able to deal with highly complex legal matters, be a team player, an impeccable researcher and you must never drop the ball.

Our People = Our Firm

Working at MATRIX means being a part of the team from day one and that you are given room to explore your abilities and improve on them. A career at MATRIX is an opportunity to become part of a growing family of thinkers and pragmatists who are bound by their focus on solving client problems, exploring possibilities, and simplifying complex transactions.

We are not just concerned about whether you are a perfect fit for us but also, whether we are a perfect fit for YOU.

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If you’d like to join our legal or business services team or join us as an intern, please send your résumé to us at

We expect our Applicants to have an outstanding educational background and work experience from notable law firms within and outside Nigeria. Experienced lawyers are expected to have uncommon expertise in at least one area of practice/Nigerian law.

Admission as a newly admitted lawyer without experience presupposes that you will be exposed to the entire scope of legal work that the Firm does and how work is done in the Firm. Working with us as a fresh graduate means that you will get the best legal training and pick up the right habits that an impeccable legal practitioner must-have.

We pride ourselves in having only the best as part of our business services team. While our lawyers deal with multifarious legal matters, our highly seasoned business services team support the operations of the Firm ensuring that the Firm’s activities run efficiently. We engage highly competent paralegals, business development and administrative staff, content creators and Information Technology professionals.

We run an on-going internship programme for undergraduates and graduate students as well as students of the Nigerian Law School.

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